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BUSINESS SIMULATIONS - One of the biggest challenges in executive education is bridging the gap between theory and action. Business simulations can be an effective solution because they are able to bring concepts to life in a risk-free environment. The corporate world doesn’t forgive mistakes, but professionals learn the most when they are given a chance to practice skills. That is exactly why every aspect of business simulations is tailored to the challenges professionals face every day. The only difference is that no budgets or careers are on the line.
Research shows that the 70/20/10 training model is the most effective, because 70% of what people learn comes from experience, 20% from social interactions, and 10% purely from traditional learning such as readings and case studies.
From on-the-job experiences
From constructive peer interaction
From traditional learning

But what exactly does simulation-based learning entail?

How can you choose the right simulation for your needs and implement it effectively?

Our simulations can be adjusted to your needs and we offer a variety of course design options. They require a strong emphasis on teamwork, which helps participants learn from each other, and create far more motivation.