The innovate+grow group

The innovate+grow group is a network of highly experienced professionals with expertise in innovation, sales, marketing, dealmaking, and leadership. We bring to our clients a wide variety of custom-designed and customised programs that create value at every step of their transformation process. We focus on sustainability by making our solutions your solutions through a complete and seamless integration into your day-to-day business processes.


Our Principles

innovate+grow engagements and programs are designed based on 3 key principles - USP:

Usability – because we believe that the only way an organisation can benefit from a program is if people actually use the concepts in their day-to-day business practices.

Thus, we design tools that real people (like us) would actually use – in fact, that is how we test them before deployment. We also regularly review and update the concepts and tools to integrate new ideas from industry thought leaders, program participants, and others. 

Sustainability – Because we believe firmly that the most effective programs are ones that become yours very quickly - they become part of your organisation's DNA, and are no longer dependent on the intervention of external parties. Put simply, we strive to create client independence.This does mean we don't get as much of the same on-going business... but it opens up new areas we can explore together with clients, and that keeps things interesting and fun. 

Pragmatism – all of i+g's programs are based on the latest thinking and theory to ensure they are ahead-of-the-art, and useable by the people for whom they were designed.

Thus, they must be as simple as possible, easily understood by the people for whom they were designed, and provide value to that person and their work.

We also integrate coaching into implementation support to ensure that instruction is brought directly to people where they need it most - on the job.

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