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We understand our limitations... because it's impossible to know it all. So, we seek out + work with the best partners we can find to provide the experience, knowledge + skills that can help our clients to succeed.

Here are the partners we are delighted to call our friends - each one has unique capabilities and is fully aligned with the I+G philosophy of Usability, Sustainability, and Pragmatism. 




Commercialising products + services with «industrialised marketing»

Vipu is a very different kind of marketing company - because they also think about sales! In fact, together we have created the ISM concept for Integrated Sales + Marketing. 

They help companies to find the right target customers, formulate the right messages for them, and deliver those messages in the most [cost] effective way possible to generate more leads for the sales team to follow up. 



B2B Sales Performance Improvement - Since 1990

Infoteam is the strategic partner for I+G's sales performance improvement programs. There are lots of «sales» programs on the market but we believe that the only good one is the one you actually use - and we use Infoteam's methods and tools in our own sales process - so that's why they are an integral part of our offering. 

We also love working with the network of Infoteam consultants - all of them experienced sales professions, but perhaps more importantly, all-around terrific people who we enjoy hanging out with - and we know you will too. Of course, you will find us on their web site as well! Together, we can support clients with education programs in 15 languages.


HubSpot really looks at the world from the outside in - as one of the leaders in the «inbound marketing» revolution we just had to work with them - Vipu is our door into the HubSpot world, and our web site is hosted on their platform, so yes, we believe.


Innovative approach to sales skills assessment

Is selling really «genetic»? We think it's a combination of nature and a lot of nurture - and this is what attracted us to work with Sales-Genetics, because they believe that too. Their very aptly named program – SalesDNA® –  assess sales skills, so they can be developed as part of an overall sales performance improvement program. As a nice bonus, they are also part of the Infoteam network + they are some of the most competent, and lovely people we have ever worked with. 

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