Career NavigationTM

In today’s world where choices and changes abound, starting your career or being at crossroads in your existing profession can be quite traumatic, confusing and overwhelming.  Navigating effectively can help you get on the road to success in achieving your highest potential. In organisations, managers and leaders need to continually employ well-structured and proven strategic navigation tools to find solutions and also develop their high potentials or key talent.

The N.E.W.S™ Career Navigation is a simple but significant process of coaching done either individually or in a group. Participants learn to chart a clear roadmap to develop their career in a manner that unlocks their highest potential, increase their motivation levels, overcome any obstacles in reaching their goals, and plan and execute for better and tangible results. The model uses the metaphor of a compass to identify and align personal direction with personal values and driving factors, any limiting barriers (real as well as perceived), and planning and executing the next steps towards success in achieving desired goals.

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