Channel Development + ManagementTM

Channel-based sales is an integral part of any go-to-market strategy if planned and executed well. A well-designed channel strategy provides the organisation with the ability to create a local presence in markets it cannot serve directly and serve customers with sales and support in local language. 

Our channel programs are custom-designed to fit the specific needs of your organisation, providing support from the early stages of strategy development right through to channel restructuring and performance management.

Channel Development & Management is a custom-built program designed to support your organisation’s channel strategy. Whether you are setting-up the channel, want to improve its performance through more effective joint-selling, or re-design it to meet changing market needs, this program provides your channel sales team the tools and skills they need to implement it.

We begin with a careful assessment of your current situation, and change objectives - and then combine the elements required to create a program suited to your specific needs. Areas we can address include: 

  • Defining channel strategy
  • Planning channel-based sales for new market entry
  • Improving channel sales performance 
  • Improving joint direct-channel sales performance
  • Re-designing or changing channel structure
  • Training Channel Managers to identify, recruit, up-skill, manage, and terminate channel partners

The CDM program works hand-in-hand with Winning Complex Sales™ and Managing Strategic Accounts™ to leverage their time-tested principles and straightforward tools - and make it easier for direct and channel teams to work together.

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