Closing Deals ProfitablyTM

As a sales professionalnegotiation is a part of daily life. Your sales process can last weeks, months or even years, and, right at the end, it often comes down to a single negotiation meeting. This is where the profit in the deal is captured... or lost. We call it the «oh-no-second» - that precise moment when you realise that the value you worked so hard to create during the sales process has suddenly slipped out of your grasp... and you smack your head and say OH NO! 

We help you avoid the oh-no-second through excellent, structured analysis + preparation, clearly defined goals, a long list of trading variables, and high-quality proposals that help your negotiation partner understand the value they can gain by working with you. Capturing the value for you while ensuring it's also captured for them, helps to create deals that both parties are anxious to implement. Our philosophy of «Closing Deals Profitably» is nicely expressed in this lovely Japanese equation: 


What's in it for you? After attending a CDP program, you will...

  • Improve confidence through better preparation
  • Avoid focusing only on price by trading value for value 
  • Protect the profitability of the deal and avoid the oh-no-second 
  • Manage the dynamics of a negotiation through structured trading 
  • Handle pressure more effectively to maintain focus on achieving your goals 
  • Reduce stress by using a structured method to Analyse | Prepare | Execute | Close + Review strategic negotiations
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