Strategic Supplier Negotiation™

As a sourcing professional, you need to balance many often-contradictory demands when negotiating... price, quality, delivery, guarantee, terms + conditions, and of course keeping the goods + services flowing without interruption, all while keeping suppliers and your organisation happy. Not an easy job. 

We help you to prepare for these strategic negotiations more effectively and achieve better outcomes for your organisation while ensuring that the supplier is delighted with their deal as well. Why? So they are motivated to implement it - and deliver the excellent service and support your orgnisation demands. This big-picture approach is essential to balance the needs of your key stakeholders while achieving your own objectives. 

What's in it for you? After this program, you will... 

  • Prepare more effectively to execute strategic supplier negotiations and balance all the demands from key stakeholders 
  • Focus on the long-term perspective that ensures product | service delivery and contract fulfillment while achieving your objectives 
  • Manage team dynamics more effectively to achieve better outcomes for your organisation and the supplier 
  • Improve supplier + stakeholder relationships to make future negotiations easier and more effective
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