Are Your Sales Teams Achieving Their Quota?



Consistent, reliable sales team performance is critical to an organisation's success, so it's natural that sales performance improvement is a major focus in our solution offering. With years of experience in direct and channel sales, we also understand the challenges that face salespeople in the field every day - have a look at the film. 

Our programs and tools are designed for salespeople – simple, easy to integrate into their daily work, and help them focus on the essentials. Our programs cover the entire customer life-cycle from lead generation to account development and leadership coaching.

The content is fully customisable to meet your specific needs – which means we can create the program that addresses your sales team's exact development areas. We have a number of programs to use as a starting point, which can be combined intelligently as required to create the perfect program for you:

Sales DNA®

A skills-based assessment that is completely adapted to your business environment to identify the strengths and areas for improvement in each individual's performance, focus coaching on the right issues, and provide input for training program content. It also helps improve the effectiveness of hiring practices to ensure the people you hire really have the skills they need to succeed in your business environment. 

Initiating New Business™

A program designed to help salespeople focus on the right prospects, identify potential needs, build a cohesive approach, target the right people, then secure and execute excellent first meetings to fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities.

Winning Complex Sales™

Our flagship program - designed to improve your chances of winning more of the opportunities you choose to pursue. Beginning with definition of your company-specific sales process and qualification criteria, we help sales teams analyse their position in current sales opportunities, and create a plan to win - systematic qualification, covering the Buying Center, developing compelling value propositions, differentiating from competitors, and making a cohesive action plan.

Managing Strategic Accounts™

A team-based account development program with a key difference... we integrate the customer directly into the planning process. Teams use their own analysis, combined with customer input to help identify strengths in their approach, areas for improvement. The goal is to identify new customer business areas in which your organisation can add value - and create new, non-competitive business. 

Sales Leadership & Coaching™

A program designed to help sales leaders build coaching skills to support the transformation process through consistent concept implementation in their sales teams. Participants learn how to review opportunities more effectively, and coach the their salespeople to develop required skills. 

Channel Development & Management™

A fully customisable program designed to help your organisation create, maintain and expand channel-based selling as part of your go-to-market strategy.

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