Initiating New Business™

Initiating New Business™ helps salespeople overcome the fear that often accompanies new customer acquisition by helping them answer the key questions:

  • On which companies should I focus?Funnel_with_Money_vertical.jpg
  • What do I talk about?
  • Who should I talk to?
  • How do I approach them?

Using a structured approach to targeting and approaching new prospects (or new parts of existing customers), Initiating New Business™ helps salespeople identify relevant, real and current business problems as the basis on which to create their approach.

Infoteam’s research (downloadable on the right) shows that the main reason a prospect will grant a new vendor a first appointment is if the meeting relates to a real and current business problem.

Initiating New Business (INB) provides a structured approach to “doing your homework” before making the first call, to increase the probability that the customer will be receptive, and grant you an appointment.

For salespeople, INB provides tools to:

  • Fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities to improve the probability of meeting your short, medium and long-term sales goals.
  • Create a structured approach that makes it easier to contact new prospects and make “warm” calls instead of “cold” ones.

For sales leaders, INB provides:

  • An increased pipeline of qualified opportunities.
  • Better forecasting of revenue flow and improved allocation of resources by focusing on the opportunities with the greatest potential.
  • A structured basis for pipeline reviews for better territory / region management.
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