Winning Complex Sales™

 Winning Complex Sales™ is a “thinking structure” to help sales teams win more of the opportunities they choose to pursue by providing a cohesive process to engage with the right people, understand their specific needs, articulate compelling role-specific value propositions, and differentiate from competitors. 

WCS.pngFor salespeople, WCS provides the tools to:

  • Analyse the current position in an opportunity and identify the selling risks through systematic qualification
  • Understand the customer’s formal and informal decision-making process, and identify the key players involved
  • Analyse each key player’s specific needs
  • Differentiate effectively from competitors by creating and deploying a winning competitive strategy
  • Articulate compelling value propositions with supporting business cases to motivate the customer to make a decision in your favour

 For sales leaders, WCS provides the tools to:

  • Use resources more effectively by rigorously and systematically qualifying opportunities to ensure that sales teams focus on the right ones
  • Review opportunities more comprehensively and quickly, saving time and effort to ensure that resources are focused on the right ones
  • Maximise the effectiveness of time in the field by ensuring that you are fully briefed on the opportunity before visiting prospects with the sales team
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