It seems like an oxymoron to «navigate» yourself...! We are, after all, in control of our own destiny, right? If you are, then congratulations! You have found your purpose and are pursuing it with all your energy.

But if you feel like a cork bobbing on a turbulent sea, or just need to find your true purpose, define your goals, and the path to reaching them… then we have something that is designed just for you.

Self-navigation helps in times of transition – a new job, a new career, a change of lifestyle or country, or situation that destabilises you, and creates uncertainty, often leaving you «stuck» in a rut. Self-navigation provides you a clear framework and an easy-to-use set of tools to help you define your true purpose, and the path to reaching it.

In turbulent times, it is even more crucial to navigate effectively through crossroads and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of success in achieving your highest potential. This is true not only for any individual but also in organisations where managers and leaders need to continually employ well-structured and proven strategic navigation tools to find solutions and also develop their high potentials or key talent.

The N.E.W.S™ Self-Navigation is an innovative and simple, yet profound, process of coaching either individually or in a group. It allows participants to chart a clear course for their personal development and their career, increase their motivation levels, overcome any obstacles in reaching their goals, and plan and execute for better results. The model uses the metaphor of a compass to identify and align personal direction with personal values and driving factors, any limiting barriers (real as well as perceived), and planning and executing the next steps towards success in achieving desired goals.

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