N.E.W.S. Navigation

 What is Navigation? 

Navigation is the set of skills and abilityto choose the right path, and move on it to reachyougoals. It is a critical factor forsuccess in today’s turbulent business environment more than ever.

Why is it important?

Organisations, teams and individuals (even successful ones) must constantly make choices to deal with changes in their environment every day… and live with the consequences. To help individuals, teams and organisations achieve success more systematically, Innovate+Grow Group provides a cohesive framework of tools, which we call «navigation». These navigation tools and processes help them make better choices and faster decisions. This improves effectiveness, and helps organisations, teams and individuals get «un-stuck» from situations, and puts them on the road to greater fulfilment and contribution to success.

Who needs navigation?

  • Organisations that want to increase agility and velocity and lead their market – outmanoeuvring their competition and delighting their customers

  • Teams that want to increase their effectiveness and impact on the bottom line – working together to achieve their common goals while improving morale, communication and results  

  • High Potential Leaders who want to optimise their impact and career path, and the organisations who want to retain them by helping them manage personal challenges and develop more mindful leadership

  • Individuals who seek to find focus and direction to achieve more personal and professional fulfilment

  • Schools and Universities who want to help students learn the critical life skill of navigating through the constant change that will face them in their lives and careers, and making appropriate choices to unleash their highest potential

  • School & University Staff Members to find clarity and higher motivation levels in personal and career development

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