Leadership + Change
What makes a leader? In our view... it's simple. A leader is someone people choose to follow because of what it means to them. They feel that by following the leader they choose, they become the people they want to be - and the leader helps them achieve it. 
Does leadership require advanced academic degrees? Does it require the power that comes with a high organizational position? No, it requires learning and consistently applying simple, pragmatic skills consistently in leader-follower relationships. 

innovate+grow's LIGHTHOUSE LEADERSHIP program focuses on you, the leader, taking a very pragmatic approach to focus on those simple skills that leaders must learn and apply to influence their people to deliver excellent performance... for themselves.

This program introduces tools and methods to help you establish a clear performance management model, diagnose performance issues, and provide the most appropriate feedback to maintain high performance. Situational simulations help you practice applying the tools to perfect your techniques and master the tools to apply them in your business environment immediately.

Cultural Change
Leadership Skills
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Management 3.0
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OrganiZation + Team Alignment

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Sales Leadership
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