Customers that have done business with us
Our clients believed as we do - that there is more potential available from their organisations, and they enlisted us to help them sell more of everything from paper to computer chips, to machine parts to professional services. This sampling of clients covers a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures and provides a short overview of the kind of results we helped them to achieve.
Aalto University Executive Education - Creation and delivery of a custom-designed program on customer experience & innovation for Metsä Group, as part of an internal Executive MBA program. Results: More customer-centric approach to communication, sales orientation, marketing program design, and reseller training.
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty - A custom designed global sales transformation program integrating opportunity management, account development and dealmaking supportet by ongoing opportunity and deal coaching. Results: improved professional selling competence and key account management, better customer service and streamlined inter-departmental communication and collaboration.
Arburg - a global leader in injection moulding machines and technology. I+G developed a customised leadership skills development and dealmaking program for the international MD team, helping Arburg improve internal communication, coaching and of course, employee satisfaction. Negotiation skills helped them improve the way they prepare and execute business-critical negotiations, achieving more profitable, higher quality deals that both parties are anxious to execute.
Atlas Copco - a global leader in hand and power tools for industry. I+G created a strategy workshop in which their leadership team designed the critical components for a customer-centric key account program. Results: a key account program designed to make it easier for their customers to buy.
Bizerba is a world leader in solutions for the weighing and food service industries. I+G created a leadership and strategy development program which helped their leadership team align strategies and execution plans across countries and regions and improve employee communication. 
Boehringer-Ingelheim (Contract Manufacturing Organisation) - I+G created a sales transformation program for the contract manufacturing division to help them better position the value of their services (rather than focus on price) in the sales process, and capture more of the value they create with excellent negotiation preparation and execution using The Dealmaker™ concepts and tools.
Celanese Corporation is a global leader in specialty and intermediate chemical products. Working with our partner Strategic Insights, I+G helped design and conduct customer insight interviews to help Celanese identify sales process strenghts and areas for improvement, which are the basis for the design of sales skills development programs.
Celemi is a leader in the devlopment of business simulations based on "the power of learning" concept. I+G created a completely customised global program to improve opportunity management, account development and channel sales management. This program integrated their world-wide partner community, to create a common language for sales throughout their customer facing organisation.
Credit Suisse Leasing Division - I+G executed and supported an opportunity management program to help business leasing key account managers position the value to customers of financing their business expansion or equipment acquisition through Credit Suisse - winning more business and broadening their portfolio in selected industry segments.
Dage Systems (now part of Nordson) - a leader in x-ray based inspection tools for the integrated circuit industry. Based on Infoteam's Winning Complex Sales™ methodology, we created a customised opportunity management program for internal staff and global business partner community to create a common language for sales throughout their customer facing organisation
Deloitte is a global leader in audit and professional consulting services. I+G supported the deployment of a customised Winning Complex Sales™ based opportunity management program for the Swiss-French Partners and Directors to improve the client engagement process and raise sales professionalism in selling new mandates.
Diplan is a manufacturer of software modules for the electronics manufacturing industry. I+G designed a global program for opportunity management based on Winning Complex Sales™ and supported its implementation throughout the organisation with a strategy development program for top management to align and articulate their strategy and execution plan.
Elavon is a global leader in financial services. I+G supported the deployment of Winning Complex Sales™ and Managing Strategic Accounts™ programs in EMEA and North America, helping Elavon improve their win rate and profitability on each deal.
Elco is the largest Swiss service provider in natural gas and oil-based heating systems. I+G supported the Top-Management in the development of a revised strategy to help re-align the team in defining and articulating its goals and action plans.
The Executive MBA Program in the Management of Technology (MoT) at the Ecole Fédérale Polytechnique in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland - an unusual MBA designed for entrepreneurs who must understand and execute a cohesive sales process at all stages of their business. The customised program we created helps students learn to sell their ideas to investors, their products and services to potential customers and their company to potential employees.
Global Payments (HSBC Merchant Services) is a global leader in financial services. Working through our partner Infoteam, I+G has developed and deployed a global program to improve win rate through the implementation of a cohesive sales process.
Hewlett-Packard, a global leader in computers, networks, printers and IT services. I+G supported the deployment of an opportunity management program for HP's telecom competence centre in France.
HUBER+SUHNER is a world leader in specialised cables, connectors, antennae and fibre optics. Working with our partner Infoteam, we designed and deployed a global program to improve lead generation, opportunity management and leader coaching. This helped the company improve its top and bottom line, thriving through the global recession while other competitors suffered or failed.
Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. I+G supported a global opportunity management program working through our partner Sales Genetics. The combination of custom-designed education and ongoing opportunity coaching helped them improve win rate and profitability by focusing on solution value rather than price.  
Integrated Packaging Systems (IPS) is a Dubai-based reseller of food and drinks processing and packaging systems and a strategic partner of Krones in the Middle East and Africa. Working with our partner KeyLargos, we designed a customised sales transformation program comprised of opportunity management, value proposition development and presentation skills.
Intermec is a world leader in bar-code and RFID systems - I+G supported the development and deployment of a customised global opportunity management and leadership coaching program designed to improve win rate and profitability. In EMEA, overall win rate increased 3x within a 3-year period following implementation.
Komax is a leading supplier of medical technology for which I+G supported the delivery of opportunity management programs working through our partner, Mascot.
Kromberg & Schubert is a manufacturer of high-quality precision cables. I+G assisted them in the strategic analysis of the organisation's core competences so they could be re-aligned more effectively with the growth areas in which the company wanted to focus. This has helped them re-organise the company and gain efficiencies in operation as well as success in the market.
Krones is the world leader in filling and packaging systems. Working with our partner KeyLargos, I+G designed and delivered a global custom sales transformation program comprised of opportunity management, value proposition development, presentation skills, leadership skills development and opportunity coaching, which has helped the company maintain its world-leading position in the face of increasing competition.
KWH Plast is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality packaging materials and systems. Working with our strategic partner Vipu, I+G has helped KWH to implement an aligned sales & marketing approach and customer value management concept. The "re-launch" of the company has helped re-position them very successfully in a highly competitive and fragmented industry.
LeCroy Corporation is a recognised global leader in high-quality oscilliscopes. I+G helped them compete more effectively in this very specialised niche market against significantly larger companies and grow market share and account penetration consistently over more than 10 years. Winning Complex Sales™ based opportunity management programs, as well as account development and channel management programs have helped align the sales force to achieve strong market position.
Lenze is a significant German manufacturer of automation and industrial drives who competes in against significantly larger companies. Working with our partner Infoteam, the global program for opportunity management and value positioning has helped them win more sales more profitably by positioning the value of working with Lenze and differentiating more effectively.
MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a world-wide leader in commercial diswashing and hospital hygiene systems. I+G's engagement with Meiko includes custom-designed opportunity management programs for internal salespeople and channel partners. Our channel management programs have helped align and improve the effectivenes sof their sales channel globally, and we have supported Meiko's global partner education programs to continue education and improve partner loyalty.
Metsä Group, a world leader in forest products is the client of Aalto University Executive Education for whom I+G desgiend a custom program on customer experience management and innovation as part of internal MBA. Results include significant changes to marketing messages, web site, channel communication, customer education programs, and the innovation process at all levels & divisions.
Mirka is a pioneer in the flexible abrasives and products industry. Working with our strategic partner Vipu, I+G has helped Mirka create strategic market development through a comprehensive review of the organisation's capabilities to identify key differentiators and position them more effectively on the market against competitors.
Mondi Group (Packaging) is a world leader in paper and packaging. I+G's wide-ranging engagement with Mondi began with an innovation program in flexible (plastic based) packaging that identified a number of new key products that have become very successful since inception. We have also provided dealmaking (negotiation), value selling, team-building, and sales process programs.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is the world's largest assurance, tax and advisory services firm. Working through our strategic partner Infoteam, we have provided opportunity management and account development programs custom-designed for implementation in professional services. Leadership and coaching workshops support the implementation along with tactical selling skills.
Ryzex (now part of Peak Technologies) is a value-added solution provider in the auto-ID (bar-code and RFID) industry. I+G has conducted opportunity management and leadership coaching programs to help Ryzex position itself more effectively in the market, and align with its suppliers to create a common language for selling to help it achieve continued success and growth.
SAP AG is the world's leader in business software. Our engagement with SAP is extremely wide-ranging, beginning in 2000. We have created & deployed 13 global programs for opportunity management, departmental sales strategy development, product launch preparation and sales enablement, video-based e-learning modules, and much more, and played a strategic role in enabling the sales team to deploy SAP's CRM solution in 2001-2004 (now a market leader).
Siemens Building Technologies is the leading player in building automation. I+G worked with our partner Mascot to develop a customised cross-departmental opportunity management and account development program designed to improve skills and customer-centric account planning while also increasing and streamlining cross-business unit coordination and approach to make it easier for Siemens customers to buy from them.
Siemens Medical Solutions - I+G supported the deployment of a customer value selling program in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).
Sika is a world leader in building and construction materials. I+G has developed custom programs for pricing and negotiation as part of the on-going skills development program in the Sika Business School, and deployed them globally through a management-lead approach for implementation. Our program plays a small but important part in the continued growth, improving profitability and market presence Sika enjoys.
Straumann is a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry. I+G supported the development and deployment of a comprehensive sales skills development program to maximise the impact of Straumann's new CRM system.
T-Systems (a division of Deutsche Telekom) is a global leader in telecommunciations and networking products and services. I+G deployed a sales improvement program including strategic account planning & development, as well as opportunity planning and coaching.
Tieto (formerly TietoEnator) is a Finnish-Swedish market leader in professional IT services. I+G developed critical elements of an internal leadership development program (Thought Leader Sales) including support of internal content providers and facilitators to integrate holistically into the program and deployed the program for selected "high potential" leaders from throughout the Tieto organisation.
Vacon is a significant player in the AC Motor Control (drives) industry. I+G has developed and deployed leadership development and sales coaching programs as well as strategy development and cultural change workshops in multiple divisions and locations of this global company.
Vodafone is a significant player in the telecommunication services business globally. I+G supported the Vodafone Global Enterprise sales team's opportunity management program through our partner Sales Genetics.
Zycus produces software for procurement optimisation. I+G created a and deployed a customised opportunity management program.