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We co-create with our clients growth and profit by enabling and enhancing their entire customer value chain from

  • Value Innovation
  • Inbound Marketing & Account Based Marketing,
  • B2B Sales 
  • Negotiation (also referred to professional profit engineering) 

Our consultants and partners strive to create sustainable solutions that provide clients with rapid return on investment by internalising a customer centric culture.


We strongly believe that in today’s rapidly changing (VUCA) world an improved and effective collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer service is essential to meet today's customer expectations and to create sustainable competitive advantages through a company culture that loves customers.

Gopal RajGuru
Managing Director
Peter Sicher
Managing Director
Barbara Klammer
Marketing Consultant
Madhavi RajGuru
Content Editor
Ivaletta Shakhova
Web Designer
Ivaletta Shakhova
Web Designer