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WINNING COMPLEX SALES – What makes sales «complex»? More people involved, different views of the «needs», multiple competitors, long decision-processes, and so much more. WINNING COMPLEX SALES is a pragmatic, time-tested method to help sales teams plan, organize and execute a winning sales campaign by understanding, and removing the complexity. Why? Because customers like simplicity and will likely buy from the vendor that makes it easy to buy from them.

This program is built around an action-focused sales process, which is created with you in a design workshop, along with examples of each concept applied to one of your organization’s sales opportunities. During the workshop, sales teams apply the concepts introduced to their own current sales opportunities – so they have a ready-to-win action plan in hand at the end of the workshop.

Your potential issues

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Solution overview

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Your benefits

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  • Lost deals – due to a lack of relationship with the real decision-makers and weak value propositions

  • Wasting resources – chasing the wrong deals due to poor «gut-feel» qualification rather than a systematic qualification

  • Shooting in the dark – sales teams doing what they want rather than what customers need to help them make a decision in your favour

  • Same mistakes again + again – no learning from wins and losses, and no consistency in the way sales campaigns are executed

  • Design workshop – to codify the sales process + tools, and create examples while briefing key leaders on the content and preparing them to coach their teams in the workshop (optional, recommended – adaptation of the CRM system to the sales process, to allow sales teams to see how the tools will support them in implementation)
  • Enablement workshop (2-days) – in which sales teams analyse current must-win sales opportunities to identify potential sales process deficits + improve strategy and action plan to overcome them and win!
  • Implementation support – to ensure fast, sustained, measurable impact on business results, including facilitated opportunity reviews (Deal Pit-Stops) and coaching of sales leaders to improve their style and impact

  • Winning more profitable deals – by focusing on the right opportunities and articulating more compelling customer-specific value propositions
  • Differentiate from competitors – more effectively by making your sales process into a sustainable unique selling proposition that helps customers to experience your capabilities right from the start
  • More accurate forecasts – through sales process transparency and active manager coaching in regular opportunity reviews


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