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Develop Key Accounts


DEVELOP KEY ACCOUNTS What does it really mean? How would your key accounts react when you tell them they are «key»? Most would just shrug and wonder, «so what». Key account programs rarely focus on delivering value to the customer.

The goal is to transform key account relationships into strategic partnerships – ones in which your organisation is as important to the customer as they are to you. KAD helps KAMs move beyond opportunistic selling to creating powerful, symbiotic, mutually beneficial business relationships with their key customers based on the value each party brings the other – in short, co-creating profit and growth.

KAD focuses on the customer from start to finish, demonstrating the value (to them) of being «key» to your organisation. How? KAD helps account teams identify areas in which they can leverage the company’s capabilities to create added value, and new opportunities.

Your potential issues

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Solution overview

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Your benefits

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  • Revenue potential with existing customers and partners not fully exploited
  • Displacement by competitors with alternative solutions or lower prices
  • Opportunistic and reactive management of existing customers
  • Lack of internal organizational alignment

  • Management kick-off to initiate and customize the program

  • Insight interviews to better understand customer objectives and issues

  • Workshop in which account/partner teams plan how to grow the business

  • Customer review and approval of the development plan

  • Better alignment with the customer's strategy

  • Proactive creation of new sales opportunities

  • Higher customer retention through proactive engagement and value creation

  • Increased value of your company as a true business partner


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