“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.”

– Babe Ruth (Famous American Major League baseball player, 1895-1948)  


Is your team facing a difficult situation dealing with multiple challenges, choices and constant change both internally (within the organization) and externally (outside of the organization)? Is it losing focus or does it seem unable to do things cohesively in spite of having excellent individual credentials? Are there any derailing behaviours that are holding the team back from functioning smoothly? Or do you want your team to move from being good to great! Then you, as a team leader, have to find an effective solution - fast!! You are not only expected to lead, manage and achieve organisational goals with your existing team but also roll out the yearly strategic team planning efficiently. The ability to make appropriate choices and faster decisions together is instrumental in developing a motivated, well- functioning and productive team. 


The N.E.W.S™ Team Navigation offers a highly structured and systematic process, which generates long-term solutions to support team growth and enhance results. It is a comprehensive process that uses the metaphor of a compass to help align the team’s direction with its values and motivators, its limiting barriers or obstructions and its ability to plan and execute effectively. Each aspect is thoroughly examined, defined and modified or overcome to enable the team navigate together and achieve excellence.

It is not just individuals who face “stuck” situations. Organizations and their leaders too find themselves in situations where unforeseen multiple challenges, choices and constant changes result in weakened focus, non-alignment amongst team members and an inability to steer through the muddle with clarity and strength to achieve desired goals.

The concept of navigation provides an ideal framework for leaders to achieve their goals while identifying and overcome challenges that limit the organisation’s growth potential.


The N.E.W.S™ Organizational Navigation is a highly structured and systematic process designed to take an organization and its leaders from OK  Good  Excellent! It is an invaluable tool in helping an organization align itself to its purpose and direction by setting appropriate strategies, overcoming any obstructions (both real and perceived), identifying and defining organizational values and their manifestation, and setting tactical action plans to achieve critical goals.

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In today’s world where choices and changes abound, starting your career or being at crossroads in your existing profession can be quite traumatic, confusing and overwhelming.  Navigating effectively can help you get on the road to success in achieving your highest potential. In organisations, managers and leaders need to continually employ well-structured and proven strategic navigation tools to find solutions and also develop their high potentials or key talent.


The N.E.W.S™ Career Navigation is a simple but significant process of coaching done either individually or in a group. Participants learn to chart a clear roadmap to develop their career in a manner that unlocks their highest potential, increase their motivation levels, overcome any obstacles in reaching their goals, and plan and execute for better and tangible results. The model uses the metaphor of a compass to identify and align personal direction with personal values and driving factors, any limiting barriers (real as well as perceived), and planning and executing the next steps towards success in achieving desired goals.



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