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Sell customer value


SELL CUSTOMER VALUE Feature-based selling is dead because your customers can learn about this from the internet. You want to help them understand the value they will get from buying your products or services. It’s not enough anymore for you to just master your own offering – you must be able to articulate the benefits customers will receive in the context of their interests, business environment, and specific needs. Otherwise, the competition is just a click away.

Your potential issues

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Solution overview

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Your benefits

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  • Losing sales to competitors who articulate benefits more effectively

  • Generic value propositions that have no impact on customers’ buying behaviour

  • Difficulty getting customer meetings – because they don’t have time to listen to salespeople tell them what they can read, or have read, on the internet

  • Ineffective first meetings – with new customers due to poor preparation, wasting business development resources

  • Price pressure – due to the lack of clear competitive differentiation

  • Comprehensive foundational selling skills – that help make the transformation from selling products, features and functions to creating and articulating the value your products + services deliver
  • Structured method – to target the right people, prepare customer meetings, conduct more effective first meetings, and engage customers in the sales process
  • Formulas + tools to help salespeople define and articulate compelling individual value propositions that address the specific needs of each person
  • Questioning skills – to deepen understanding of the customer’s business and develop specific needs your organisation’s products and services can satisfy

  • Reduce price pressure – by articulating targeted individual value propositions that focus your customers on what they get, rather than just what they must pay
  • Build trust – by executing more effective customer meetings, demonstrating capabilities appropriately and asking more good questions to help customers articulate their needs
  • Increase hit rate – by converting more first meetings into wins
  • Improve sales productivity – with a library of role-specific value statements that can be integrated into future proposals


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