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Top Executives + Business Owners


CLOSING DEALS PROFITABLY – As a top executive or business owner, success in negotiations often means the difference between thriving business and the fight for survival. Critical customer deals, strategic partnerships, acquisitions + mergers, labour unions and of course demanding shareholders all create the need for negotiation excellence. Add to that the risks and emotions involved, the vested interests, and often, the big egos, and you have a challenging situation in which to negotiate a great deal.

We help you avoid the typical pitfalls that can undermine these strategic negotiations in a customized executives-only program in which you negotiate with and learn from peers. The program focuses on the dual role leaders often play in strategic negotiations – at times leading the discussion and at times supporting the negotiation team with decision-making authority. Working on cases designed to address the issues executives face, we implement pragmatic tools and concepts to help you reduce stress and improve confidence throughout the preparation and execution of strategic negotiations.

Your potential issues

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Solution overview

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Your benefits

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  • Facing tough negotiations with customers, partners, vendors, employees, and board members

  • High stake negotiations get out of control and lead to a deadlock

  • Dealing with difficult people and problems

  • Lead and coach effectively negotiation teams

  • Lack of strategy and framework to get difficult negotiations under control

  • Negotiate real world negotiation challenges in small peer teams
  • Learn how to leverage their own specific personality traits and abilities to optimize negotiation outcomes
  • Enhance your bargaining power to claim a larger share of the pie
  • Recognize and resolve different types of issues to create and claim value
  • Develop strategies for efficient pre-negotiation preparation
  • Build and maintain working relationships without forfeiting economic outcomes
  • Learn from peers and colleagues and practice new skills in a safe environment

  • Increase confidence in business-critical negotiations
  • Achieve better outcomes in strategic deals that protect the wealth and value of your organisation
  • Rethink your approach to negotiation – from adversarial to collaborative; from winning to problem solving
  • Develop powerful, practical strategies to improve your influence and effectiveness in negotiations
  • Be more effective in coaching your negotiation teams to help them achieve better outcomes
  • Learn highly effective methods of interpersonal influence and persuasion