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Channel management


CHANNEL-BASED SALES is an integral part of many go-to-market strategies to broaden market presence, improve local sales, and support capabilities. A well-designed channel strategy works hand-in-hand with direct sales to minimize conflicts and maximize customer intimacy.

Our channel programs are custom-designed to fit the specific needs of your organisation, providing support from the early stages of strategy development right through to channel restructuring and sales performance management.

Your potential issues

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Solution overview

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Your benefits

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  • Historical, opportunistic channel development – resulting in the partners you have instead of the partners you need + want that build your business and customers
  • Lack of alignment between partner strategy and actions – uncoordinated and often contradictory actions in the market that confuse + alienate customers
  • Channel conflict – created by inconsistent policies and execution leading to lost deals or eroding margins, while consuming management time, and causing loss of partner commitment and losing customers
  • Failure to launch – initial enthusiasm over partnership fades when sales do not ramp up quickly enough, and partners do not know how to get the support they need

  • Assessment of your current situation, definition or clarification of change objectives, creating a plan to implement the changes required
  • A fully custom-built program designed to address your organisation’s specific needs – from channel strategy definition, channel restructuring or re-design, performance improvement, or more effective joint-selling
  • Enablement workshops for your organisation’s channel managers + channel partner management and sales teams to ensure that people have the skills necessary to implement the new strategy + direct sales teams, to make it easier for them to work seamlessly with channel partners
  • Coaching + monitoring – to support the implementation of the new strategy + measure the impact on results

  • Maximise customer satisfaction + results – with a structured, purpose-built channel designed to grow your business by harnessing the right profile, skills, and competences
  • More effective use of time – minimising channel conflict resolution, high-impact joint selling in a streamlined channel sales operation
  • Committed channel partners – who are eager to execute on your joint strategy and deliver the results you seek
  • Maximises market coverage with a balanced direct + channel sales approach that optimises cost + resources


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