Transform Executive Conversations


TRANSFORM EXECUTIVE CONVERSATIONS Motivating executives to want to meet you. Who has the time to listen to a standard sales pitch nowadays? No one! Mostly because a lot of the information is already available on the web and it is highly likely that potential customers have already done their research. If an executive is going to make time to meet with a salesperson, they expect to hear more than what your website has already delivered. They want you to focus on how your solution can help solve their business issues and challenges and achieve their business goals.


  • Difficulty getting meetings with executives and other key customer contacts – they are reluctant to sit through a «standard sales pitch» that offers no added value for them
  • Wrong focus – telling the executive more about your products rather than asking questions about their business issues and challenges
  • Lack of control over executive conversations – this results in unpredictable outcomes
  • Ineffective first meetings – due to poor preparation, wasting business development resources
  • Missed opportunity to ask critical questions and listen carefully to verify or identify key customer issues
  • Unwillingness to meet important customer contacts due to a lack of confidence


  • Approach strategy – excellent preparation to identify any potential needs and use it as the basis to obtain meetings with busy decision makers who do not normally have time to meet with salespeople and who are not waiting for a call
  • Structured method – to target the right people, prepare and execute more effective first meetings, and create new sales opportunities
  • Questioning and listening skills – to deepen understanding of the customer’s business and identify specific needs that your organization’s products and services can satisfy


  • Motivate the target executive to want to meet you
  • Build trust – by executing more effective executive meetings, demonstrating capabilities appropriately and asking more pertinent questions to help executives articulate their needs
  • Improve opportunity qualification – by assessing customer needs and the fit of your solution to create and deliver customer value
  • Enhance relationship with key decision makers of the Buying Center by demonstrating your understanding of their business and delivering valuable insights to the customer