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Sourcing + Purchasing Professionals


CLOSING DEALS PROFITABLY – As a purchasing professional, you are expected to meet many, often conflicting, demands – price, quality, delivery, guarantees, general terms and conditions etc. You also have to ensure the uninterrupted flow of raw materials, goods and services, and keep suppliers happy to ensure you actually get what you agreed. What a challenge! 

This program helps you achieve better outcomes by building on your existing negotiation skills. You learn to prepare more effectively, and trade in a structured way to ensure that you and your suppliers get what you need from the deal. You learn to structure the deal using our tools, concepts and methods to help you capture the value for your organization and the supplier. Why is this important? Simple. A supplier that feels they got a fair deal is more motivated to implement the deal, and continue to delight you as their customer by delivering excellent service and support.

Your potential issues

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Solution overview

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Your benefits

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  • Balancing conflicting demands from the organisation - high quality, consistent delivery, low price, etc.

  • Ensuring the continuity of supply to minimise disruption in your organisation’s processes

  • Capturing the value for your organisation, while ensuring that suppliers are delighted with the deal and deliver the quality, consistency, and service you want

  • Members of the own negotiation team behave unexpectedly and make unnecessary concessions

  • Structured process (APEC+R) to guide the analysis, preparation, execution, closing + review to facilitate more effective negotiations and continually improve the process
  • Pragmatic tools – adapted in the workshop to your working environment – that support process implementation
  • Practice in a safe environment with video review, personal and group feedback to improve content and style of negotiations
  • Sustainable behavioral change through experiential learning and implementation coaching

  • More effective preparations and execution to ensure that you can balance all the demands from key stakeholders
  • Negotiate on multiple levels – optimising the short term, and focusing on the long-term to ensure product + service delivery and contract fulfillment
  • Manage team dynamics more effectively to achieve better outcomes for your organisation and the supplier
  • Improve supplier + stakeholder relationships to make future negotiations easier and more effective