Assess Sales Skills

SALES DNA® is very different from the usual «personality test»… by design. It assesses skills and competencies – which can be learned, coached and developed. The program focuses on the sales skills required for success in your specific business and industry, and provides insights to each individual's capabilities and organizational strengths.

Designed for Your Sales Success – Based on a best practices skill profile or a 100% customized skills profile that is fully adapted to your business environment in a design workshop. SALES DNA® helps identify each individual's development areas so leaders can focus their time and coaching effort to create sustainable high performance.

Your potential issues

  • Identify skill gaps – that often occur due to the lack of a common definition of the sales skills and competencies required for success in your business environment
  • Insufficient sales performance – difficulties in generating leads, executing the sales process, formulating value propositions, differentiating from competitors, or articulating a business case
  • Ineffective sales training – no change implemented in the day-to-day working practices, no change in behaviour, no improvement in results
  • Poor hiring decisions – expensive hiring mistakes by relying only on unstructured interviews that do not focus on the specific skills required for success

Solution overview

  • Define your organisation’s «ideal success profile» comprised of the skills required in your business and industry by adapting a best-practices model built on our experience working with hundreds of organisations
  • Create individual SalesDNA® Scorecards which compare the defined profile, self-review input and manager input to identify strengths and development areas to create an individual coaching plan and collectively provide input for sales training program design
  • Set-up and monitor the coaching process to improve performance, and monitor progress with periodic re-evaluation to continually improve the effectiveness of performance development

your benefits

  • Improve sales performance + coaching effectiveness – by identifying and overcoming skill gaps by focusing manager coaching efforts on the specific development areas for each salesperson
  • Increase impact of training – by identifying the common development areas of the whole team or sales force and shaping training design to focus on them to maximise impact
  • Make better hiring decisions – Identify the strengths + weaknesses of each candidate and structure interviews to better determine the potential for success in their new role, get them up-to-speed more quickly while minimising expensive hiring mistakes