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Selling in Challenging Times

A market study by the innovate+grow group

May you live in interesting times the saying goes. Today, whether we like it or not, we...

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Why your mind-set rules the world!
It’s all in your head!

Imagine you are a boxer… and you see your opponent come into the ring with his head lowered, shoulders...

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Tags: Negotiation and Dealmaking

Successful Negotiations: Expectations vs Reality!

More than just a deal

Our negotiation philosophy is simple - it is about people and relationships, not just the deal. We consider...

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Tags: Negotiation and Dealmaking

How to design compelling blog posts!

What to look for when designing compelling blog posts?

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How to plan compelling blog posts?

What to look for when planning a blog post?

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Attract new customers with engaging blog posts

At a time where it is more and more difficult to reach new target customers, blogging as integral part of your content strategy...

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Leadership - Using our resources optimally

I recently had the great pleasure of visiting my old friend Birket Foster (www.mbfoster.com) in Ottawa. He is a wonderful host...

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