How to design compelling blog posts!

What to look for when designing compelling blog posts?

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How to plan compelling blog posts?

What to look for when planning a blog post?

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Attract new customers with engaging blog posts

At a time where it is more and more difficult to reach new target customers, blogging as integral part of your content strategy can be a very successful marketing tactic to increase traffic to your website and generate leads. Although as marketer we experience how difficult it can be to regularly publish attractive and engaging blog posts. 

Nonetheless, we take the effort and publish and promote regularly new content related to our business and industry. Because blogs are a great place to establish though leadership through sharing information relevant for your target customers.

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Leadership - Using our resources optimally

I recently had the great pleasure of visiting my old friend Birket Foster ( in Ottawa. He is a wonderful host for this amazing city, and it feels like he missed out on a career as its ambassador! The timing of our visit coincided with the 17th annual fireworks festival held in Gatineau, just across the river in Québec. The evening for which we got tickets was the presentation by the Chinese delegation... what a treat!  The fireworks, coordinated with a beautiful piece of classical music, were simply breathtaking – a masterful 20-minute coordinated explosion of colours and patterns that delighted eyes and ears while providing that satisfying percussive thump when the sound of an exploding shell finally reaches the stands. As you know, the Chinese invented gunpowder - so there is a strong expectation of great things from them when putting on such a display... and they did not disappoint. In fact, they..

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Selling is an essential skill for entrepreneurs... and everyone else

I had the opportunity recently to re-connect with Ago Cluytens, a terrific entrepreneur and participant in the  Management of Technology or MoT program at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). I love this program because it's an MBA for entrepreneurs. I, at least, have not come across many of those. The visionaries who put it together (and the ones like Jean Micol, who lead it today) decided in their wisdom to include a module on sales. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense, but how many MBA programs can you name that include a full module on the topic of sales? I could not think of one, and it's strange as an MBA is thought of quite often as a program designed to help people succeed in business. But what would business be without sales... a club, and not a very profitable club at that. 

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Welcome to innovate+grow!

Welcome to the innovate+grow group's new web site. We are excited about this launch because it gives us a new way to connect with you to give you a better idea of what we can do to help and support your business in being successful.

We welcome your feedback on the site - look & feel, content, usability, and of course, whether it helps you... because you are the one for whom we created this site as a resource. 

Our goal with this site is to create dialogue... to sit down together and talk about what you need, and how we can help you - whether your need is to create more sustainable value for your customers through innovation, generate more leads, win more sales, and capture the value you create in the sales process by crafting world class deals... we are here to help you achieve your goals. Think of us as the business coach on the sidelines supporting you every step of the way. 

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