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Attract new customers with engaging blog posts

By Barbara Klammer

At a time where it is more and more difficult to reach new target customers, blogging as integral part of your content strategy can be a very successful marketing tactic to increase traffic to your website and generate leads. Although as marketer we experience how difficult it can be to regularly publish attractive and engaging blog posts. 

Nonetheless, we take the effort and publish and promote regularly new content related to our business and industry. Because blogs are a great place to establish though leadership through sharing information relevant for your target customers.


Key benefits of blogging:
  • Increase traffic to your website and attract new customers and grow your business.
  • Deliver added value, to educate and familiarize new and existing customers with your business.
  • Become the authority and thought leader in your industry worldwide and build trust.
  • Rank your company high in search engines and get found when customers search for industry-specific products or services.
  • Influence the purchasing decision of target customers and close more business.


Website visitors

B2B companies

 The contribution of blog posting along the buyer's journey:

buyer's journey

Here are some guiding questions, when keeping in mind, they help you writing effective blog posts:

  1. Who do you write the blog for? Who are your Buyer Personas?
  2. Do you answer essential questions of your target customers with your blogs? Which phase of the Buyer's Journey are you addressing?
  3. Are the blogs linked with your core topics? How do the blog posts fit to your content strategy - topic cluster?
  4. What are the most important search engine keywords? (SEO)
  5. How often and how regularly do you publish your blogs?
  6. Do your blogs include Call-to-Actions?

We invite you to follow our marketing and sales blog. We are going to share with you best practices tips of writing and publishing blog posts.

So now it is your turn, please share with us your challenges, experience, and benefits of blogging.