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How to design compelling blog posts!

By Barbara Klammer

What to look for when designing compelling blog posts?

  • Make the value of the post clear – set the right expectations

  • Make a list of topics that support a specific conversation

  • Start by creating a working title and include a long-tail keyword in the title

  • Test how the title will appear on a search engine results page

  • Use multimedia content whenever it’s possible to break up the blog post

  • Include an interesting fact, statistic, visuals, or videos

Questions to ask

  • What is the reader going to get out of it?

  • Which long-tail keywords do your buyer personas use?

  • Which keywords are associated with our industry?

  • How is your blog linked to your content strategy?

  • Is it part of a pillar content?

  • Is there a conversion path included - CTAs, blog sidebar, lead flows?

  • How can videos be integrated into the blog post to reinforce the message?

Typical pitfalls

  • Only written text without any structure and visual loosening / support

  • Not linking the content of blog posts with relevant core topics

  • Design your blog as a one way communication instead of a conversation

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