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How to plan compelling blog posts?

By Barbara Klammer

What to look for when planning a blog post?

  • Answer questions or problems that customers are searching for to answer
  • Write about your industry - not your company
  • Define who are your target personas
  • Source internal product specialists for new information
  • Reuse and repackage existing content and check with all departments to see what could be used.
  • Curate relevant industry information
  • Use creative tools like blog ideas generator, which help you to find compelling blog titles


Questions to ask

  • What are the most frequently asked questions you hear from your prospects and customers?
  • What do our buyer personas need help with?
  • What do you wish people knew about your industry and your business?
  • What are industry bloggers, social media, and your competitors talking about?
  • Do you involve other departments for brainstorming to get to new blog post ideas?
  • Which existing content can be repurposed to save time?
  • Are you inviting guest bloggers?


Typical pitfalls

  1. Focus on topics which are not relevant for target persona
  2. You try to solve every problem with one blog post
  3. Try to do everything within your marketing department
  4. Overlook already existing sales material, which you can repurpose
  5. Curate content for the sake of doing it, without any added value
  6. You publish blog post irregularly and infrequently

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