Sales Simulation

SALES SIMULATION - This program is designed to provide a way to quickly introduce sales methodology + tools to your sales organization or to reinforce previous training with a high-energy 1-day event that harnesses the natural competitive nature of sales professionals. Working in small teams, participants analyse a case, gain insight into the sales process through the application of the methods + tools introduced, and create their sales campaign. Each «Pit-Stop» in the race is used to compare the team’s answers to the best practice ones provided by the facilitator and points awarded. Winners are the ones who can gain the insight required to formulate the winning value propositions.

  • Introduce sales methodology - for an organization transitioning from feature-based selling to value-focused selling
  • Create a dynamic sales meeting event - a learning event in which participants engage fully, have fun and learn something new that will serve them in their day-to-day working life
  • Reinforce + refresh sales methodology - to reinvigorate the use of key concepts in winning sales
  • Create an event - that engages and inspires people and goes beyond the usual «rah-rah» by educating
  • Team selection - to maximise inter-group learning by teaming experienced salespeople with junior ones
  • Develop industry / company specific case study to use for the competitionAn easy to use negotiation toolbox enables you to prepare and conduct successful negotiations
  • 1-day Event - high energy engaging and competitive sales methodology event focused on the core elements - qualification, customer decision-making process, competitive strategy, value propositionA pragmatic negotiation process based on best practice activities supports you to keep control of the negotiation
  • Follow-Up - opportunity reviews, coaching, etc. as optional follow-up opportunities
  • More structured sales - through the introduction or reinforcement of the core elements of a cohesive business-to-business sales methodology
  • Energised sales force - after a high-impact event that imparts both fun and learning
  • Preparing the team - for more comprehensive sales education in future or «topping up» previous training programs with a focus on the core elements