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We face a new world where we have to rethink how we connect with our prospects and customers. How do we continue to make meaningful and valuable connections at a time where we do not meet face-to-face? How do we present our offer, negotiate a contract, and win new customers in such an environment?

It’s now more important than ever to communicate, share ideas, build trustworthiness, and support prospects and customers to make the right buying decision.

In addition to our traditional face-2-face workshops and services we enhanced our offering to help you to 

  • fill your pipeline with new leads and opportunities
  • safeguard and win more opportunities
  • master virtual customer meetings and presentations
  • close and negotiate deals virtually
  • retain and develop key customers successfully
  • lead and coach your sales team 

Our goal is to support you and your sales teams in mastering the sales skills and capabilities required to sell and market in a virtual environment.



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Virtual Masterclass 

4 half-day program to acquire the skills, tools + processes needed for world-class excellence in digital selling, remotely from your home or office.



Company Specific Online Workshop

Learn without impacting productivity. innovate+grow’s virtual workshop is the most cost effective way to deliver live, Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) to your teams. Safeguard your opportunities and manage your pipeline digitally.

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Online Sales Coaching

Online coaching is what makes training stick and creates long-term, sustainable business impact in a remote environment. Our digital coaching process maximizes motivation, drives change, and holds sales people accountable.






Self-paced Online Courses

You can choose from a variety of self-paced online courses to different topics of the sales process, from effective customer conversations, prospecting, winning more opportunities, etc...

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Blended Learning

With eLearning and virtual instructor-led workshops for corporate clients, we develop custom curricula, build branded learning environments, and tailor lessons and modules so your salespeople get the training and support they need when they need it.







George MacDonald



Major Oil Corporation

"Your [negotiation] workshop really helped me take a more structured approach to preparing and successfully negotiating an excellent deal we had shortly after the workshop. We used all the tools and concepts proposal format, trading variables, etc. and it really helped us to set and keep our focus on the target, always trading in a structured way, and making summaries (to avoid the changes that so often occur between meetings). I also feel much more confident in trusting in my own style. The time invested in your Closing Deals Profitably program was indeed profitable for me. I recommend it to everyone!"


Corporate Category Purchasing Manager – attended the AaltoEE World-Class Negotiator program

“I use Gopal’s methods and tools in my day-to-day negotiations. I recommended the program to the head of Sourcing at our company because he leads many buyers who could really use this kind of method and tools. I think this will be beneficial for some of his team members. 


Lawyer & CEO – attended the AaltoEE World-Class Negotiator program

"Ive been still using the skillset that I learned from Gopal, the last time yesterday. Im still highly pleased with the course and with Gopal personally, who was such a skilled and patient teacher. Kindly send him my warmest regards and Ill be sure to recommend Your courses to anyone that I think might benefit from them, which in truth is nearly all."


VP HR – Global leader in plastics products

"The experience of working with Gopal has exceeded by far any previous experience of sales training and this has been the feedback for the large majority of our sales and marketing team.
The cooperation with innovate+grow definitely went above our expectations and we look forward to the next opportunity. We learned very quickly that innovate+grow could adapt to our requests and provide a quality product on time. They were excellent in learning about our business, analysing our world, learning our business processes, and providing us with a comprehensive analysis and action plan in order to face the future business challenges."


VP in a world-leading pharmaceutical company

“We already put into practice today the principles you introduced in the workshop the last two days with a Customer. We prepared a long list of «marbles» and in a situation where we would normally just have given them something, your words echoed in our minds, and we simply took a mid-size marble from our list and traded them for 3 smaller marbles in a contract update. Without the training, we probably would just have made a concession…!”

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